Congratulations on becoming a member of the Bedford Riding Lanes Association! Thank you for taking the time to understand the Rules of the Trails, it is essential for safety as well as use and enjoyment for all members.

  • The BRLA trails are open for riding and walking members only. There are several reasons for this. Our landowners recognize that our members are knowledgeable and respectful of the privilege afforded by our landowners that open their property to allow our members access. In addition, our members sign a release/waiver that is required by our insurance policy and requested by our landowners to limit their liability. This is not done by non-members and we have no way of guaranteeing their adherence to our rules of the trail.
  • DOGS? Members May walk with dogs on a leash. Loose dogs can surprise horses and cause dangerous spooking and bolting. In addition, loose dogs can be accidentally kicked by horses. Dogs may not explore off the trail as we are guests across private property and safety must be our top priority. While most of our trails are open to members with a dog on a leash, some of our trails are closed to dogs altogether, whether or not leashed. This is for a variety of reasons, including landowner request, safely, proximity to residence an/or public roads, schools, etc. Please check the "No Dogs" page for a list of the trails closed to dogs. Where dogs are permitted on our trails, they must be on a leash at all times and completely under the control of the handler.
  • Right of Way - As with all similar trail organizations, walkers, especially those with dogs on a leash, must give right of way to riders. Similarly, walkers and riders coming up upon and/or passing others on the trail ( in any direction) must do so from a walk, must make their presence known, must politely ask permission to pass, and must not do so if a dangerous condition exists for any of the parties. Riders may NOT pass others on the trails at a trot or a gallop.
  • CONFRONTING A HORSE ON THE TRAIL. When meeting up with other horses, walkers or landowners along the trail, please be courteous. Sometimes horses become tense and voices are elevated. Horses have the right of way along the trails. Please be good neighbors and custodians of the trail with a bit of patience and a warm smile.
  • If you are a rider, it's a good idea to walk the trails prior to venturing out with your horse. If your horse is sensitive to water crossings, roads or trappy footing - pick your routes accordingly. We highly advise the buddy system for fun as well as safety. Members will have a password to the above-linked Members Only tab and access to our online Trail Map.
  • NOT Permitted on the Trails: Biking or any mechanized vehicles of any type (with the exception for BRLA maintenance). This is due to the potential damage they cause to the trails, drainage, and their potential to spook horses and interfere with our landowner's enjoyment of their property.
  • Maintaining the trails is one of the greatest expenses and efforts of the organization. We appreciate landowners, walkers, riders and all members help during trail clean up efforts as well as during use. Thank you for clipping, moving branches and keeping the trails clear.

A violation of any of these rules may result in suspension/cancellation of membership privileges and permission to participate in sanctioned BRLA activities.


We are incredibly grateful to St. Matthews for allowing us to ride on the approved BRLA trails that pass through their 65 acre preserve. Friendly reminder, BRLA riders are not permitted in the chapel or the cemetery. There is a beautiful trail there, but this is maintained by St. Matthews for parishioners.  If you are interested in learning more about the St. Matthews trails please visit their website http://www.stmatthewsbedford.org/facilities.  #welovebedford  #workingtogether  #thankyouStMatthews

If you have any questions regarding the trails, or to report a maintenance concern, please email Trails@bedfordridinglanes.com.